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Important Notes and Disclaimer

The information contained herein is confidential, privileged and only for the information of the intended recipient and may not be used, published or redistributed without the prior written consent of 2nd Market Capital Advisory Corporation (2MCAC).

Material Market and Economic Conditions.  January 2019: Tax-loss selling’s calendar expired and the government re-opened on January 25, 2019. The combined effect caused our shares to rise significantly more than the broader markets.  December 2018: Another Fed-Funds rate hike, unresolved US-Chinese trade, a partial government shutdown, and an exaggerated tax-loss selling season put extreme downward pressure on equity prices. All of these factors contributed to diminished liquidity and more significant share price declines in small cap/value issues; 2CLIP is primarily focused on small cap/value issues, so our decline was significantly more precipitous. Due to the sharp decline in share prices during the December REIT selloff, 2CLIP’s margin % spiked upward. This would have resulted in forced selling of securities at very unfavorable prices. As a result, the margin limit was raised in December 2018 from 100% to 200% in order to prevent unnecessary losses due to volatility.

Suitability. The information contained herein is impersonal and not tailored to the investment needs of any particular person. It does not constitute a recommendation that any particular security or strategy is suitable for a specific person. We cannot determine whether the portfolio holdings presented are suitable for any given reader. Readers are encouraged to contact their financial professional to discuss the suitability of any strategies or holdings prior to implementation in their portfolio.

Forward-looking statements. Commentary may contain forward-looking statements which are by definition uncertain. Actual results may differ materially from our forecasts or estimations, and 2MCAC cannot be held liable for the use of and reliance upon the opinions, estimates, forecasts, and findings in these documents.

Holdings. The specific securities identified and described herein do not represent all of the securities purchased or sold for advisory clients of 2MCAC. It should not be assumed that investments in the securities identified and described were or will be profitable. We do not intend presentation of 2CLIP's holdings as a recommendation, but rather as a statement of historical fact. It should not be assumed that purchases and sales made in the future will be profitable or will equal the performance of the securities in this list.

Past Performance does not guarantee future results. Investing in publicly held securities is speculative and involves risk, including the possible loss of principal. Historical returns should not be used as the primary basis for investment decisions. The performance described represents the 2CLIP portfolio only and does not represent the performance of all advisory clients. Although the statements of fact and data in this commentary have been obtained from sources believed to be reliable, 2MCAC does not guarantee their accuracy and assumes no liability or responsibility for any omissions/errors.

Benchmark Comparison. 2CLIP's portfolio is compared to the MSCI US REIT Total Return Index (RMS) because the issues we research and invest in are members (or aspire to be members) of the RMS or compete in the broad REIT sector.  The MSCI US REIT Total Return Index (RMS) is a free float-adjusted market capitalization index that is comprised of equity REITs.  The RMS represents about 99% of the US REIT universe and securities are classified in the Equity REITs Industry.  However, it excludes Mortgage REITs and selected Specialized REITs.  The RMS is calculated with dividends reinvested.  The 2CLIP portfolio's dividends are reinvested.  

Expenses. Returns reflect the deduction of any transaction expenses. There are no costs or management fees charged nor deducted.
Calculation Methodology. Partial year return, unaudited. Dividends in 2CLIP are reinvested.

Use of Leverage. 2CLIP intends to use leverage (typically described as margin), thereby increasing both the possibility of gains and the risk of loss. Margin limits are capped at 2:1 or  200% of borrowings against net equity. Margin levels are anticipated to range from 0% to 200% of borrowings against net equity. As of 7/31/2019 2CLIP’s cost of margin capital is 2.5%. 2CLIP’s margin rate was negotiated directly with the custodian; subscribers’ cost of margin may be higher.

Conflicts of Interest. We routinely own and trade the same securities purchased or sold for advisory clients of 2MCAC. This circumstance is communicated to clients on an ongoing basis. As fiduciaries, we prioritize our clients’ interests above those of our corporate and personal accounts to avoid conflict and adverse selection in trading these commonly held interests.

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