2MCAC Portfolio Asset Management (PAM)

2MCAC is a specialized securities analysis and investment advisory firm focused exclusively on the 200+ companies structured as Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) and REIT-adjacent securities.

Over the last 15 years, REITs have evolved beyond owners/managers of office towers and apartment complexes. Today, REITs provide a financial/operational component that crosses many economic sectors. REITs capitalize and facilitate business in healthcare, travel, infrastructure, manufacturing, distribution, retail, telecommunications, lodging, agriculture, energy, finance, housing, data transmission, and more. From this broad array, 2MCAC endeavors to harvest all the opportunities any investor needs.

While REITs have provided strong returns historically, the valuation makes them particularly opportunistic today. The rising interest rate environment has sent REIT prices down, affording a greater expected return going forward that might enable investors to achieve returns sufficient to meet their financial goal

Additionally, REITs pay higher dividend yields than most stocks and in selecting the right ones, can generate dividend income well in excess of bonds and Treasuries.  Despite paying out most of their cash flow, REITs have grown their bottom lines.  2MCAC pursues REITs that not only pay higher than average yields but that are expected to grow their dividends

Through exhaustive research and an active market presence, 2MCAC aims to invest in the securities priced at a discount to their net asset value (NAV), a discount relative to sector peers, and paying a dividend yield superior to the sector. We anticipate that, over the intermediate and long term (4+ years), this discipline will produce superior investment results.

Our Portfolio Asset Management services are propelled by discovery within our research/analysis efforts and our response to market conditions. Individual accounts are tailored to investor return goals and specific considerations. You can learn more about our qualifications and business practices here.

If you are planning for retirement and building a portfolio that needs to produce a growing income stream, 2MCAC has plans in place to help accomplish that goal. If you are already in retirement and need to expand your portfolio return, contact 2MCAC and we’ll present a superior alternative.


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