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Thank you for subscribing to 2CHYP.  The following information is designed to help you navigate through all this service has to offer so as to maximize its value.

What is 2CHYP?

2CHYP is the acronym for 2nd Market Capital Corsaires High Yield Portfolio.  It is a real account which we set up on July 1st, 2016 with $100,000 and manage with the intent to maintain a diversified portfolio that provides high dividend income and outsized total return.

Why 2CHYP?

The finance industry is burdened with inefficiency in the process of matching capital with ideas.  Regulatory encumbrance prevents individual investors from accessing financial professionals as the cost of maintaining a fiduciary relationship will often overwhelm any outperformance.  2CHYP is our answer to this problem.

At 2nd Market Capital, we spend our days building and maintaining our knowledge of the REIT universe.  It takes a significant amount of time and effort and is only possible because this is what we do for a living.  We recognize that most individual investors have other obligations to career, family, etcetera and simply lack the time to perform extensive research.  2CHYP is designed as a means to efficiently and inexpensively transfer our knowledge and experience to the subscriber such that he/she can be an informed investor with minimal time invested.

Scope and frequency of updates

Our service will provide the following

  • Weekly update with the full portfolio positioning.
  • Real-time* trade alerts whenever we make a trade. Frequency will be dictated by market opportunity.
  • Quarterly portfolio analytics.
  • Ad hoc market commentary as pertinent information surfaces.
  • Individual company analysis for each of the portfolio holdings.

 *Real-time trade alerts subject to email delay.


2CHYP is strictly informational.  We explicitly do not make trade recommendations through this platform.  Please consider consulting with your financial professional before implementing any aspect of 2CHYP.

Welcome to 2CHYP,

Dane Bowler

Chief Investment Officer